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Laurie Levine – A Taxijam

  Laurie Levine, a 2010 SAMA (South African Music Award) nominee, is fast building a reputation as an artist with a fresh approach and unique sound. A prolific songwriter with a jazzy, soulful voice that breathes life into her songs and embodies the emotional core of her lyrics, Laurie’s music comes from the ‘heartspace’, the […]

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Lucky Fonz The Third – A Taxijam

The name Lucky Fonz III was derived from a given nickname, Lucky’s actual name (Otto Fons Wichers) and an obscure royal connection. Despite his name and his sometimes outrageously comic live performances, Lucky’s music remains stark. Next to more obvious influences such as Leonard Cohen and Bright Eyes, it blends classic American song traditions with […]

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Aking – A Taxijam

Another band that have been in our cross hairs for almost 2 years, but with their crazy touring schedule both here and abroad they were really difficult to pin down – we finally caught up with them late afternoon on a tuesday in September…. With a case of BERNE Amber Lager courtesy of &Union we […]

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